My Traveling Buddy

Sometimes traveling is just something that takes hold of you and you have to go and do it. It is a sense of freedom and adventure which you don't really get from sitting behind a desk at work. A good place to begin your travels from the UK is birmingham because it has good networks to other UK cities and abroad. The road trip has been very popular in America for many years. In 1957 Jack Kerouac's novel On the Road, about a young writer called Sal who goes on a series of trips across country with his hero Dean, whilst often accompanied by their other friends, over a period of around 4 years. It was largely based on Kerouac's road trips with his friend Neal Cassady. It was the novel which reignited many Americans to hit the road once again and go traveling.

The 'Gap Year' or simply 'going traveling' is something many students do after university or straight after school. Sometimes it will mean backpacking across America or Europe or even doing volunteer work in a foreign land. Many people initially decide to stay nearer home and research where to visit in england - but this usually leads to perhaps a few stop offs and then off to another land. In centuries gone passed, many higher class young men would go on what is called the Grand Tour, usually around Europe where they'll learn about different countries and the classic cultures. British Romantic poet Lord Byron went on his grand tour from 1809 to 1811 between the ages of 22 and 24. Due to the Napoleonic Wars, Byron was forced to avoid most of the traditional European routes and instead went to the Mediterranean. He spent time at the court of Ali Pasha of Ioannina and while in Athens met Nicolo Giraud who he became close friends with. During the trip he began writing the epic poem Childe Harold's Pilgrimage which, on publication when he returned to England, made him an over night celebrity.

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In 1816, when in his late twenties, Byron once again left England to travel this time in Europe. It was a self imposed exile and he never returned to England. During this time, he wrote his other most famous epic poem, a retelling of Don Juan. In 1824 Byron died at the age of 36 whilst leading a small faction of the Greek army against the Ottoman Empire. They planned to attack the Turkish-held fortress of Lepanto. His causes of death aren't exact but it is suspected he caught milaria and later sepsis. He developed a violent fever and died in April.

Many travellors will stay in hostels and other travelling lodges because they are cheap and easy to depart at short notice. Many travellors, like Kerouac and Byron, write diaries and indulge in new experiences unusual to home, such as anything from new foods to extreme sports. Many people spend their lives travelling and become lone drifters or join gypsy clans.